The Hampshire Bee Company

About Us

Bees are a great value to our planets eco-system and are responsible for the pollination of a large amount of the foods we eat today. Honey bees, whether they are feral or in hives in managed colonies are recognised as beneficial insects and are rarely classed as pests. However, they often come into conflict with people and their homes, causing alarm and distress by their own behaviour. They may sting people from time to time, but generally only when provoked.

Treating establish colonies with pesticides today is becoming extremely difficult under current label guidelines, no pesticide label in the UK states that it can be used to treat established colonies. The only method of control therefore is physical removal using suitable techniques.

My company took the decision in 2017 to stop treating established colonies of bees with pesticides and as a team we have developed the skills to physically remove established colonies. We have approved suppliers to assist us in these works from scaffolders through to builders with many years of experience of working on listed buildings.