The Hampshire Bee Company

Locating Honey Bees - The Survey

Is there a need for a survey?

A survey is recommended to establish which method of removal is best suited to the location of the bees, to assess the condition of the building or structure and to determine what approach will be used if the colony is to be exposed for a cut-out.

The entrances to bees within building and structures are often high up, consideration may need to be given to working from access equipment i.e. mobile elevated work platforms or from scaffolding, these works will be planned and undertaken by adequately trained members of our team.


What should the survey consist of?

Surveys can be carried out in a number of ways. Some surveys may not require our attendance and can be done from photographs alone, however more often than not it is necessary for us to carry out an on-site inspection using modern thermal imaging equipment. On occasions the use of inspection cameras or drones may be required.

Findings of the survey

Once the survey has been completed you will be made aware of exactly what is going to happen during the removal. A report will be sent to you detailing all of the necessary information associated with the removal of the bees along with a cost to carry out the necessary works.