The Hampshire Bee Company

Relocating honey bees

The welfare of the bees throughout any removal process is of utmost importance. Every effort is made to reduce stress where practically possible. The use of water sprays is used to help keep bees cool and hydrated, especially in hot weather.

Once the removal is complete the bees will be taken to their new quarantine apiary as soon as possible, if some of the bees are not already in a nucleus hive, they will be transferred here.

When the bees have settled and acclimatised in their new home and surroundings, they will be fed a sugar syrup, particularly if they are low on food stores. This will help them rebuild their combs and put them in good stead for a full recovery.

Taking measures to reduce stress during a removal will reduce the likelihood of stress-related diseases in the bees.

The bees will be quarantined for a minimum of six to eight weeks following removal, this will allow for a recovery period and to ensure there are no notifiable diseases or pests within the colony.